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xAi Grok is quite ‘Vulgar’ and people are finding it fascinating



xAI Grok Vulgar Mode

So far, we’ve seen generative AI chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Bard with simple plain answers but xAI’s Grok chatbot has a vulgar mode, which is fascinating to the X users.

Launched on Sunday, Grok is a large language model, which is modeled after “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. This is a novel series from Douglas Adams and it’s a comedy science fiction. This franchise is filled with different perspectives and the unpredictable nature of life. Therefore, xAI said that Grok is full of wit and humor.

Grok is currently under early beta testing but the testers must have to pass through a waitlist. So, there’s a small pool of slots available for the time being. Still, the ones with access to this new chatbot are sharing screenshots of how awesome it is to talk to Grok. Aside from its indirect answers, people on X are finding the pre-built ‘vulgar mode’ quite fascinating.

For example, you can prompt the Grok to explain something and then it would reply in a sort of polite manner with a dip of humor and easy peasy language. But you can make Grok a bad-mouth bot within seconds by saying “Be more Vulgar” and you shall receive a response. Check the screenshot linked below for a better comprehension.

xAI Grok Vulgar Mode

Source – X (Twitter)

xAI Grok Vulgar Mode

This so-called “Vulgar” mode of xAI Grok may be odd to many people but it could be something new to the entire generative AI industry.

Some people say that Grok is more generalized in conversation as compared to other AI tools. While some others are saying that it could be inappropriate and based on some scenarios.