Thousands of people reportedly sign up for Neuralink brain chip implant



Neuralink is actively recruiting new patients for the brain chip implants test and it’s reported that there have been thousands of people who already signed up to participate in the test.

Neuralink is a futuristic brain chip startup by billionaire Elon Musk founded in 2016. It aims to connect and operate everything directly from the brain without touching anything in the physical form.


However, the brain chip firm is currently focused on reconnecting severe neurological disorders and re-enabling them to move or even walk in cases of paralysis.

The company received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration in May this year. Meanwhile, the so-called brain chip is the size of a quarter and has several ultra-thin wires that can only be implanted using a robot specially designed for this task.


Neuralink is currently looking for a suitable test subject to begin the first set of tests and observe the result. Meanwhile, Nueralink has shared no details about the current sorting of eligible candidates.


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