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xAI team shares how Grok crawls latest news from X



xAI Grok news

Following its release on November 4th, xAI is now working on improvements for the Grok AI chatbot, in the latest edition, the xAI team’s Toby Pohlen shared details of how Grok can crawl the latest news and details from X for the user.

The screenshot shared by Toby shows a prompt in which the user asked “When is the first trailer for GTA 6 gonna be released?”.


Grok replies “According to the latest information available, Rockstar Games has confirmed that the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) will be released in early December 2023. Keep an eye on Rockstar Games’ official website and social media channels for the exact date and time of the trailer release”.

xAI Grok news

This text is a combination of multiple tweets on this matter from various users. This information might be collected from only verified accounts that shared information on this subject.


During the announcement, xAI confirmed that Grok has “real-time knowledge of the world via the X platform”.  Also, the training for the Grok-1 AI engine, which is also the base of the current Grok AI, also has a large part of training via data collected from X.

With each passing day, xAI could add more features to the Grok model and we’ll keep you posted.


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