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Tesla removes ‘no resale’ clause for Cybertruck buyers



tesla cybertruck

Tesla has removed the no resale clause from the “Tesla Motor Vehicle Order Agreement terms and conditions”, which has been making headlines for the past few days. The updated terms and conditions on the official Tesla site have wiped out this clause for the public.

The most controversial part of the clause is that the Tesla buyer cannot resale this upcoming electric truck and it only applies to the Cybertruck only. If the customer violates this provision, Tesla could impose a fine of up to $50,000.


For now, there’s no confirmation, whether Tesla will continue this strict clause in the Cybertruck contract but we’ll have to wait for the delivery to start up. Below you can check the complete clause that was removed.

Tesla Cybertruck

“For Cybertruck Only: You understand and acknowledge that the Cybertruck will first be released in limited quantity. You agree that you will not sell or otherwise attempt to sell the Vehicle within the first year following your Vehicle’s delivery date. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you must sell the Vehicle within the first year following its delivery date for any unforeseen reason, and Tesla agrees that your reason warrants an exception to its no-reseller policy, you agree to notify Tesla in writing and give Tesla reasonable time to purchase the Vehicle from you at its sole discretion and at the purchase price listed on your Final Price Sheet less $0.25/mile driven, reasonable wear and tear, and the cost to repair the Vehicle to Tesla’s Used Vehicle Cosmetic and Mechanical Standards. If Tesla declines to purchase your Vehicle, you may then resell your Vehicle to a third party only after receiving written consent from Tesla. You agree that in the event you breach this provision, or Tesla has a reasonable belief that you are about to breach this provision, Tesla may seek injunctive relief to prevent the transfer of title of the Vehicle or demand liquidated damages from you in the amount of $50,000 or the value received as consideration for the sale or transfer, whichever is greater. Tesla may also refuse to sell you any future vehicles.”




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