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Cruise continues self-driving cars outside US amid CEO’s resignation




General Motors’s self-driving car unit, Cruise continues to operate in markets outside of the US including Dubai and Japan as the company is facing issues in the US.

Cruise said that it had paused all of its operations in the US and recalled 950 vehicles. It is also confirmed that the company is underway for a safety review of the vehicles.

A Cruise spokesperson told Reuters that its overseas Cruise units are still under public beta testing under a “small pilot”

Adding to this, Kyle Vogt, CEO of Cruise has resigned from the company. It’s suggested that Vogt had informed the board about his decision on Sunday after an apology for the company’s current problems.



“As CEO, I take responsibility for the situation Cruise is in today. There are no excuses, and there is no sugarcoating what has happened. We need to double down a safety, transparency, and community engagement” he wrote in the apology letter.

Recently, Cruise appointed Craig Glidden, GM’s Executive Vice President of Legal and Policy and Cruise board member as Chief Administrative Officer. He was supposed to work alongside Vogt before he stepped down from the position.

To be mentioned, an incident with a Cruise vehicle made headlines in October after Cruise dragged a pedestrian in San Francisco following a collision.

Following this incident, California regulators in November ordered Cruise to remove its driverless cars from state roads. The regulator ordered that the vehicles are a risk to public safety.


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