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Tesla won a lawsuit against the woman who alleged brake failure




Tesla has won a case against a woman who claimed that her Tesla car failed to enable brakes and caused a severe accident. She also took this matter in public during the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show to show her protest against the EV maker.

However, Tesla denied these accusations and decided to sue the woman named Ms. Li from Xi’an. Following the hearing, a Chinese court ordered Li to share an apology in the public domain, delete her posts from an online platform, pay damages to Tesla, and cover the evaluation fees.

Li, who owns a Tesla Model 3, said that her car was involved in an incident in March 2021 and blamed Tesla for the malfunctioning.


In terms of charges, the court fined Li 2000 yuan (280 USD) to pay Tesla for damages, 25,390 yuan (3548 USD) for legal processing fees, and 20,000 yuan (2800 USD) for vehicle evaluation.

The latest court ruling is the result of the effort shown by the automaker, which led to an investigation that such incidents have been planned to gain publicity and the person involved in the matter pushed the accelerator instead of brakes. Thereafter, blaming Tesla for the brake failure was found as a false claim.

(source – Carnewschina)