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xAI launches a new feedback feature for Grok along with UI tweaks



xAI Grok Feedback

xAI today launched a new feedback feature for its Grok AI chatbot, allowing users to register detailed conversation feedback with a number of options and ratings.

A video demonstration shared by xAI team member, Toby Pohlen revealed how the feature actually works.


To send feedback, the user needs to scroll down and find “Leave feedback about this conversation”. This will lead you to the feedback screen. xAI is looking for feedback with the following notes:

“Provide as much feedback as possible. The more feedback you provide, the more points you score. Rewrite the conversation to reflect what you believe Grok’s optimal responses should look like. Your feedback data is donated to xAI. You will be able to retrieve or delete feedback after submission.”


To start the feedback registration, you need to select the category. Rate overall quality ranging from “Very bad” to “Outstanding”.

xAI Grok Feedback

Source – X/Twitter

Next comes the section to explain the title of the conversation feedback, the user will be able to edit this title but Grok will automatically generate a title based on the user prompt. You can then rate the title quality that is suggested by Grok, as well as a long comment for feedback.

Up next, you can take a snapshot of the conversation and edit the response to include it in your feedback as a correction. Once finalized, you will receive feedback points, which may be used in prompts, but xAI has not detailed this section for the time being.


This feedback feature is a useful feature to allow Grok users to participate in improvements. Toby also revealed that Grok has received a tiny redesign in UI and also shared two screenshots to reflect on the new improvements.

In Beta:

Earlier this month, xAI released Grok, its new large language model chatbot with generative AI capabilities. However, the chatbot is in an early stage of development and is only available for a number of beta testers via a waitlist.


A few days ago, xAI CEO, Elon Musk mentioned that Grok will launch next week for the Premium+ subscription of social media site X.


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