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Brain chip implant company Neuralink raises new $43 million




The brain chip implant firm, Neuralink has raised a new $43 million in venture capital, revealed a new SEC filing (via TechCrunch).

This new fund adds the previous $280 million to $323 million led by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund in early August including third-two investors.

The billionaire Elon Musk’s Neuralink hasn’t announced its valuation but a report from Reuters in June suggests that the company could be somewhere around $5 billion.

Founded in June 2016, Neuralink is a neurotechnology company, which is involved in implantable brain-computer interfaces. In the past year, Neuralink has developed machines and custom chipsets to perform brain implants that are claimed to be working wirelessly.


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In May this year, Neuralink received FDA for human clinical trials and the company is looking for test subjects.

Recently, four members of the US House of Representatives called for investigations by SEC on Neuralink for concerning the welfare of animals used in experiments.

US Representative Earl Blumenauer says that Musk’s assertions about the animal subjects not dying due to Neuralink implants and being close to death already are false.


Later on, a report from WIRED alleges that Nueralink is causing serious damage to animals and Musk is spreading misinformation about the tests conducted inside his brain-research company.

For now, there have been no further revelations made on the SEC’s stand on this matter.

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