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Upgraded Tesla Model Y in work, mass production in 2024 says Report



Upgraded Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y is the most popular long-range electric vehicle (EV) and the company is reportedly working on its upgraded version for next year’s release.

A report from Bloomberg revealed that Tesla is preparing a revamped version of its Model Y in China, the report cited people familiar with this discussion.

It’s also being said that the latest move from the carmaker aims to compete against the growing challengers in the largest EV market.

The current observation suggests that Tesla is preparing a production line for its upgraded Model Y and its mass production could start by mid-2024.

In terms of changes, the new Model Y 2024 version will bring improvements in internal and external looks. These include optimized wheel design, ambient lighting, and more.

The first phase of production will happen at Tesla’s Shanghai Factory and there are more preparations are being made for a high quantity output.

According to the information, the Tesla Shanghai factory has more than 950,000 annual vehicle production capacity. The plant is mainly involved in Model 3 and Model Y manufacturing.

The plant became operational in 2019 and delivered the first phase of EVs in 2020.

Earlier this year, Reuters also published a report about a revamped Model Y, internally code-named “Project Juniper”. The details in the report also mention some new elements and additions to the design. The model was planned to target markets including China and the US.

Back in September, Tesla launched a new upgraded Model 3 also known as ‘Highland’ in China, and started its sales in October followed by subsequent deliveries in the same month.

An updated Model Y also entered the country in October with some minor tweaks in features.

As of November, Tesla registered 82,432 China-made electric vehicles, according to the data revealed by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

Sales of Model Y in China in November accounted for 48,877 units, which is an increase of 89.26% compared to 26,353 units sold in October. However, the numbers are slightly down as compared to November 2022.

Tesla Model Y is one of the top-selling EVs in China and an upgraded version would give users more reason to upgrade over the new model..