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BMW CTO jokes about fake engine sounds in electric cars




Electric cars are known for their silent ninja-like approach on roads but some car enthusiasts may like their EV to produce the grizzling sound of a gas engine.

Some car makers including Hyundai also thought of giving this sounding luxury in electric cars. However, BMW is not interested in following this path.

BMW’s Chief Technology Officer, Frank Weber told Insideevs that his company is busy improving the driving experience of its next-generation EVs and has ‘bigger fish to fry’. Weber was responding to a question about the latest trend of installing engine-like sound simulation in electric cars by well-known EV makers.


The engine sound simulation in such cars uses speakers to generate artificial engine noises. Car companies believe that this would enhance the driving experience for those who miss the sounds of gas-powered engines in their new EVs.


Some might even say that this capability could improve pedestrian safety who might not be aware of the quiet vehicle approaching them. It also adds an extra layer of features that may interest some customers and increase the number of sales.

As an example, Hyundai equipped engine sound simulation in its Ionniq 5 N. It uses 10 interior and 2 exterior speakers to produce the rumbling sound of a gas engine and exhaust both inside and outside of the vehicle.

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