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BMW and Valeo demonstrates autonomous valet parking system



BMW Valeo Valet Automated Parking Demonstration

At CES 2024, BMW Group and Valeo demonstrated their new partnership on automated valet parking (AVP) with automated Level 4 parking solutions.

AVP aims to offer drivers and passengers an automated and driverless parking experience. In action, a driver leaves their vehicle in a designated drop-off area.

The vehicle then searches for a vacant parking spot by itself, explores the parking space, and settles then later exists again to even pick up the driver on the collection spot.

AVP supports autonomous driving capability or via a teleoperated valet system. The latest demonstration is part of the co-development strategic partnership signed by both companies in February last year.


Under the hood, the features of AVP are based on technology and sensors in the BMW car.

BMW Valeo Valet Automated Parking Demonstration

BMW Valeo Valet Automated Parking Demonstration at CES 2024

AVP solutions are organized into two main categories, Type 1 and Type 2 systems. Type 1 system, the necessary technologies (incl. all sensors, computing units, and algorithms) run on the vehicle.

The Type 2 system and the required technologies (incl. sensors and the AVP management system) are installed in the relevant infrastructure, for example, the parking facility, and the vehicle is controlled by the infrastructure.

The partnership supports both, AVP Type 1 and Type 2, and will strive for the most advanced solutions for next-generation parking experiences up to Level 4 according to market and customer requirements.

The joint development of this automated parkin solution includes over 100 research and development personnel from both firms.


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