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Apple to launch its electric car in 2028 with Level 2+ autonomous driving features



Apple Car

Apple is the world’s largest tech maker but news surrounding its own electric and autonomous car project has been on the internet for quite a while now.

However, Apple officially released no plans or even indications to launch its vehicles on the road. With that being said, we now have some new inputs from the courtesy of Bloomberg, which suggests that Apple has further delayed its plans to launch an electric car to 2028.


This car project, internally known as Project Titan, is receiving efforts from the iPhone maker but an outcome has not been achieved, at least not to the public.

The new report tells that the company is keen on bringing its electric car to the EV market. Unlike previous rumors about a true autonomous Apple car, the project management is now focusing on a new EV with the common EV features.


EVs are currently in trend in the market and autonomous vehicles are under scrutiny by regulators for instances such as Cruise after one of its robo-taxi collided with a pedestrian in October 2023.

Bringing an EV is far better than working and waiting and investing a jam-packed of money on fully autonomous vehicle technology.


The report from Bloomberg reveals that the decision was made after a board meeting and the company has reduced the autonomous features of the car to level 2+.

Level 2+ autonomous features include combined ADAS, hands-free driving in some scenarios in well-mapped highways, and slow-moving traffic with increased automation such as lane changing and better overtaking actions.


Unlike Level 4, the driver remains responsible for all of the operations and it requires continuous attention.

Scaling down some aspects of its project and bringing a less ambitious design could help Apple to get a launch date soon. However, the days and now years are counting until there’s a real Apple car arrives on the market.


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