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iOS 17.4 Brings New Emojis: Shanking head, Lime and More



ios 17.4 emojis

Apple has released iOS 17.4 beta for developers and it comes with new emojis for enthusiasts who want to try something new in text messages or whatever they may fancy.

The new emoji list includes a new lime, an edible brown mushroom, a phoenix, a broken chain, a head shaking vertically (as “yes”), and a head-shaking horizontally (as “no).


The latest new emojis are included in the Unicode 15.1 update, which first appeared in September last year. It also brings four new family emojis.

ios 17.4 emojis

iOS 17.4 Emojis, source – Emojipedia

Emoji 15.1 has been formally approved today alongside Unicode Standard 15.1. It is Unicode’s text encoding standard designed to support the use of text written around the globe by major companies.

Apple is also a part of the Unicode Consortium alongside Google and Microsoft. The new release has 118 new emojis. Other than the ones mentioned for iOS 17.4, it has a whole bunch of direction-specific emojis as well. You can check them all at Emojipedia.


For now, the iOS 17.4 beta remained limited to the iOS developers and its public beta could start soon after ensuring developer-friendly tests. While the official rollout of this new build is set for March this year.


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