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Blue Origin completes BE-4 engine hot fire test



Blue Origin BE-4 Static Fire test

On February 2, 2024, Blue Origin completed the first BE-4 engine hot fire test at Test Stand 4670 in Huntsville. Static fire or testfire tests the rocket’s capability similar to a real-time launch scenario and the new test confirms that the rocket is nearly ready to use in future launch vehicles.

BE-4 uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) to fuel the rocket engine and has a staged combustion cycle. It can produce 2,400 kN (550,000 lbf) thrust with deep throttle capability.


BE-4 was designed to be a medium to high-performance architecture. The engine will power two launch vehicles including the Blue Origin’s New Glenn booster. The United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan rocket will also use two BE-4 engines in the first stage.

Blue Origin BE-4 Static Fire test

Blue Origin BE-4 Static Fire test (Source – Blue Origin)

The development of the BE-4 engine is currently underway with full-scale engine development testing at Blue Origin’s Van Horn facility in Texas. Meanwhile, the full-scale production will happen at our engine manufacturing facility in Huntsville, Alabama.


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