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Would you like to see VisionOS-style UI with iOS 18?



iOS 18 VisionOS Style UI

Over the past years, Apple has made substantial changes in iOS’ user interface (UI) but would you be surprised to see iOS 18 with VisionOS-style UI? Because that’s what a new rumor is suggesting.

Israeli website The Verifier reports that the next major version of iOS will be heavily influenced by the VisionOS operating system which is designed for Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headsets.

Unlike flat UI, VisionOS comes with organic and dynamic shapes. There are 3D elements that you can feel through the headset in real time.


The UI has transparent layers and overlapping elements that could depth and context within a spatial environment. It could also adapt to your actions and the environment based on the size of the window and gestures.

VisionOS UI

VisionOS UI (credit – Apple)

Similar changes from the VisionOS are planned for iOS 18 as well as mobile applications according to the rumor.

This report is quite doubtful but the idea of bringing a new design scheme for iPhones would improve the user experience and it could make the iOS look more modernized.

Apple will bring its iOS 18 during WWDC in June and its beta will be released instantly after the showcase. However, the rollout for old iPhones will start after the iPhone 16 lineup somewhere in September.


(via – Macrumors)

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