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Chevy Equinox EV starts at $34,995 with 319 miles of range



Chevy Equinox EV

General Motors has released the pricing for all models of Chevy Equinox EV including five trims starting at $34,995 for 319 miles of range.

Customers can tap a $7,500 full Federal Tax Credit on the new Equinox EV available at the point of purchase. With this addition, the 1LT model reduces to $27,495. Below you can check all of Equinox’s EVs listed below.

  • 1LT FWD at $34,995 (Available in mid-2024)
  • 2LT FWD at $43,295
  • 2RS FWD at $44,795
  • 3LT FWD at $45,295
  • 3RS FWD at $46,795

Availability for other models remained unconfirmed.

The 1LT SV is equipped with a four-wheel drive train and is also available with 19-inch wheels. The vehicle has a 17.7-inch diagonal display touch screen, 11.5 kW onboard charge, an 11-inch diagonal driver information center, and more.

2LT adds a heated steering wheel, front seats, and mirrors. This variant brings a front LED light bar. The 3LT follows with a 21-inch aluminum wheel, heated front and rear outboard seats as well as a wiper park.

It also equips ventilated front seats, a 17.7-inch diagonal display touch screen, a reverse automatic braking system, adaptive cruise control, supercruise drive assistance technology, and more.

The 2RS adds a flat-bottom steering wheel and front and rear outboard seats. The 3RS offers 21-inch black wheels, a heated flat-bottom steering wheel, rear outboard seats, and a wiper park.

A 17.7-inch diagonal display touch is also featured with this version along with a standard Chevy safety assistant and advanced safety features. The 3RS expands the list of features with wireless phone charging, adaptive cruise control, and supercruise with added driver assistance.

(source – Chevrolet)