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Tesla to build a massive EV charging station with 164 Superchargers and solar canopies



Tesla Charger Ford

Tesla may be building a massive electric vehicle (EV) charging station in California and it will be the world’s largest Superchargers hub for a whole bunch of EV users.

A construction site plan leaked on social media site X shows this mega charging station building close to Lost Hills, Highway 46 in California. The plan for this charging station is to have around 164 superchargers with rapid battery charging capability.

The project also consists of 16 pull-through chargers and solar canopies above the parking stall. No announcement regarding this charging station has been announced by Tesla at the moment.

Construction plan for massive Tesla electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in California with 164 superchargers

Credit – @MarcoRPi1 from X/Twitter

Tesla’s Harris Rance Supercharger in Coalinga, CA is the current largest supercharger station with 98 stalls. Second, comes the Supercharge in Quartzsite Arizona with 84 stalls.

(via – Teslarati)