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Apple iMessage is out of EU’s regulation radar




European Union (EU) on Tuesday signaled to keep Apple’s iMessage messenger out of its new digital regulations that are distressing big tech firms.

Other than Apple, Microsoft’s Bing search engine, Edge web browser, and advertising service will be excluded from the EU’s new digital rules called the Digital Markets Act (DMA).


A probe found that these apps and services have no “dominant” position to put under regulations under DMA reports Bloomberg. Reacting to this new decision, Apple and Microsoft have welcomed this step.

“Following a thorough assessment of all arguments, taking into account input by relevant parties, and after hearing the Digital Markets Advisory Committee, the Commission found that iMessage, Bing, Edge, and Microsoft Advertising do not qualify as gatekeeper services,” said EU in a press release.


Apple’s Safari browser, iOS operating system, and App Store will need to follow DMA regulations when it comes to full effect on March 7th.

But the iPhone maker has already prepared its biggest change in the app ecosystem for EU-specific users with iOS 17.4.


The list of new changes includes support for sideloading apps from third-party app stores, allowing in-app purchases for third-party app developers, and users can choose the default website browser from the beginning.

These changes are exclusively made based on DMA rules and will be available with the next software update in early March.


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