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Rocket Lab launches ADRAS-J space junk inspection satellite



Rocket Lab Electron Rocket Liftoff

Rocket Lab on February 18, 2024, launched its “On Closer Inspection” mission and sent an active space junk Inspection satellite ADRAS-J by Astrosacle Japan. It flew from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand.

This satellite is the first phase of the space debris removal program and it is equipped with technologies that will help the Astroscale team to monitor space junk. This inspection satellite will set itself in the Japanese H-2A upper stage left in the low earth orbit.

The 150-kilogram ADRAS-J satellite is 11 meters long and four meters in diameter. The mission confirmed payload deployment at 01:04 hours of the liftoff. Afterward, the mission embarked on a journey that could take up to six months to complete.

This mission was carried out by Rocket Lab’s Electron which is a 2-stage rocket and 18 meters tall. It can carry up to 300 kg payload to orbit and equips 9 sea-level Rutherford Engines. Meanwhile, the second stage consists of a single vacuum Rutherford Engine.

After stage separation, the first stage splashes in the ocean and is later recovered by a recovery vessel. This was the 44th Electric Launch overall, 2nd for this year, and 1st mission for Astroscale.


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