Watch Tesla Optimus with an improved walk cycle (Video)



Tesla today shared a video of its Optimus robot with an improved walk cycle roaming through the development lab.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk earlier uploaded this video but the quality was not adequate but now the company has uploaded a high-quality clip of Optimus in action.


Compared to a video posted in late January, the new movement is synchronized with hands, shoulders, and leg movement.

Optimus is a general-purpose humanoid robot currently being developed at Tesla lab, primarily known for its electric vehicles (EV). A prototype was introduced in 2022, the robot has made significant developments since its initial unveiling and currently, the bot has reached the second generation.


During the full-year earnings call, the Tesla chief said that the company could ship some of Tesla robots by next year.

He said that the company is continuously working on the robot to make it a success for public customers. He concluded that Optimus robot has the potential to become the most valuable product of any kind ever.


There are also reports that the company could organize a second AI Day event in a single year to share Tesla’s progress in AI and robotics.

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