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SpaceX made 17 improvements to Starship 3 after 2nd flight test



SpaceX Starship

Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) has concluded overseeing of the SpaceX-led mishap investigation of Starship Test Flight 2 (OTF-2) and suggested new changes and improvements to SpaceX ahead of the Starship 3 test.

The investigation has identified the root causes of failures and changes that compromised the last mission’s end goal.

SpaceX has listed 17 corrective measures, seven of these corrections required for the Super Heavy Booster including vehicle hardware redesigns, and updated control system modeling. It includes reevaluation of engine analyses based on second flight data, and updated engine control algorithms.


Ten other changes need to be made to the Starship vehicle including vehicle hardware redesigns, operational changes, flammability analysis updates, installation of additional fire protection, and guidance and modeling updates.

Starship is being stacked on top of Super Heavy Booster Rocket

Starship is being stacked on top of Super Heavy Booster Rocket (Credit – SpaceX)


SpaceX has already made these improvements in the launch vehicle including both Starship 3 and Super Heavy Booster. The company now seeking a license to fly the integrated flight test for the third time.

The FAA in the meantime assumes that the changes are pending “Before the next launch, Space Must implement all corrective actions and receive a license modification from the FAA that address all safety, environmental and other applicable regulations requirements.”

The agency also mentioned that the mishap investigation closure doesn’t mean that SpaceX will get immediate approval for the license to fly Starship 3.


A past reports suggest that SpaceX could fly this giant rocket once again in March, more information about the launch date is yet to be made by the company.

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