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Tesla Cybertruck launch soon in Canada says official



Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla today shared some news about the launch of its Cybertruck in Canada and said that it’s conducting some official work to put this electric truck on the road.

An X social media user asked Tesla about the Cybertruck availability in Canada which received a reply from Rohan Patel, Tesla Policy and Bizdev.

Patel said, “No doubt we will sell Cybertruck in Canada – insanely huge interest.” He added that the company is filing some routine paperwork “but hoping that cab ne wrapped up soon.”


Getting permission from state authorities and regulators is required before vehicle sales among customers. However, the Tesla officials have not revealed any date for the launch.


Tesla is already showcasing Cybertruck across different stores in the country and it’s currently in Tesla’s booth at the Canadian International Auto Show from Feb. 16 to Feb. 26.

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