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Here’s the first review of a Ford user charging through Tesla NACS adapter



Review Ford Tesla NACS adapter by JerryRigEverything

YouTuber Jerry Nelson known as JerryRigEverything has published a review of Ford F-150 Lightning charging through a NACS adapter at a Tesla Supercharger.

Unlike Tesla vehicles, the Ford truck has to be parked super close to the charger due to the short cable length.

While announcing NACS support, Ford promised to provide a free fast-charging adapter for F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E customers. The adapter is only available to claim until June 30, 2024, afterward, it will retail at a $230 price.


The reviewer also gave us the first look at this new adapter with a huge label “OUR GIFT” printed on the box along with Ford branding.

The box consists of a note from CEO, Jim Farley and a step-by-step charging guide with a few instructions. To start charging, you need to attach the Tesla charger to the adapter and plug it into the DC charging port.

Jerry showed how charges are managed through the default wallet. He then compared the charging costs of the home, Tesla supercharger, and Electrify America fast DC chargers as follows:

  • Industrial rate: $0.06 per kWh
  • Supercharge rate for non-Tesla vehicles – $0.45 per kWh
  • Supercharge rate for Tesla vehicles – $0.34 per kWh
  • Electrify America Rate – $0.56 kWh


Users of the NACS adapter would take up to 2 stalls at a Tesla charging station due to the charging port positions. Tesla cars except Cybertruck come with rear (left) mounted charging ports, which makes them compatible with these Superchargers.

The case with front-left (side) charging ports such as Ford F-150 and Mach-E is quite the opposite. Also, the short length of the charging cable is another major lackluster in the experience which Tesla should resolve.

Check JerryRightEverything’s full review of charging the Ford F-150 Lightning through the Tesla NACS adapter below.

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