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Tesla Model 3 Performance (Ludicrous) leaks in white but only its rear



Tesla Model 3 performance ludicrous white

Earlier today, a picture of the Tesla Model 3 appeared with white paint in a car transporter with a camo to hide its rear design and it was later identified as the upcoming Performance (Ludicrous).

The image was first shared on Reddit user ‘Salty_Astronaut_7567’ but appeared to be shot on the road while the vehicle was on the move. The rear camouflage confirms that it’s an unreleased model but the taillights are similar to the Upgraded Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 performance ludicrous white

(Image Credit: X)

The rear spoiler also distances itself from the entire design and it is slightly bigger than the previous Model 3 Performance. Certainly, the company doesn’t want us to see the back of the car, not just yet but Tesla community member keeps on sharing pictures and clips of this unreleased model.

An X user last week shared a clip of a Red Tesla Model 3 Performance from Spain which shows that the company is preparing for a launch commercial.


Several design specifications were revealed in that video including the new adjusted suspension. The rear taillight combined with the tailgate, aero caps on the wheel, and red brake calipers. Meanwhile, the front is carrying a splitter.

The subtle changes made to the car are likely to improve its aerodynamics and looks but a launch date for the car is still awaited.



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