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Watch 2024 Porsche Panamera suspension range control through an iPhone



Porsche Panamera 2024

Last month, Porsche introduced new e-hybrid variants of the Porsche Panamera and it carries Active Suspension Management (PASM). Its suspension range has now been demonstrated in a video clip controlled through an iPhone.

Motortrend published a short video clip of the Porsche Panamera on Instagram tilting the vehicle back and forth, left and right. The demonstrator used an app on the iPhone to control the car’s movement.


The iPhone is provided by the Porsche staff with a pre-loaded test app. It utilizes the phone’s gyroscope sensors to tilt the vehicle based on the phone’s movement/angles.

Porsche Panamera 2024

Image credit: Motortrend/Instagram

The active suspension management comes with two-valve dampers as standard. The company says the suspension system offers better traction and cornering performance for better comfort.

Each damper has two-valve technology and an electric hydraulic pump with a 400-volt system. These can be used continuously to build forces in the rebound and compression directions.


Porsche mentioned that the suspension is powerful it can absorb body movements caused by road imperfections while keeping the vehicle horizontal all of the time. The dampers can adjust up to 13 times per second with its 13Hz operation rate to react fast enough in given driving scenarios and road surfaces.

The suspension also brings features such as overcompensation of pitching and rolling motions. The car can raise its body for the user while getting in and out of the car. Read more about the Porsche Panamera 2024 Hybrid below.


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