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iPhone 17 to sport anti-reflective display like S24



iPhone 15 Display

Apple’s 2025 iPhone 17 will bring a new anti-reflective screen to enable less distraction while operating the phone in contact with direct light says a new rumor.

The Cupertino-based tech company will release iPhone 16 later this year and it’s focusing on generative AI as well as design optimizations for 2024. So, next year’s iPhone 17 could have a better chance at a major redesign such as an improved screen.


A tipster from the Chinese social media site Weibo said on Tuesday that the iPhone 17 will bring a “super-hard anti-reflective layer”. It is suggested to be more scratch-resistant than the previous generations of iPhones.

All of the preparation for the production of this new technology has been completed but it may not make it up to iPhone 16.

iPhone 15 Display

Image Credit: Apple

The South Korean company launched its new Galaxy S24 Ultra device earlier this year featuring a new anti-glare display. In comparison to other smartphones in the market (including the iPhone), the S24 Ultra shows immense anti-glare capability and the on-screen content appears clear.

Teardown tests also prove that the S24 Ultra screen is more durable than the previous Galaxy lineup.

Under the hood, Samsung has partnered with Corning to launch next-gen Gorilla Glass. According to Samsung, the new panel reduces up to 75% of reflection compared to other glass-based screen protection panels.


There’s no confirmation about Apple’s plan and whether the company will choose a new solution or will follow Samsung.

(via – Macrumors)


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