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SpaceX preps for Starship 4 flight, moves ship for static fire test



SpaceX Starship 4

SpaceX has started preparations for the Starship 4 test flight and the company confirmed that the net ship is now moved to the launch pad. From there the company will conduct a series of tests including static fires to those Raptor engines inside the ship.

The rocket company will perform similar tests on the first stage of Super Heavy when it rolls out to the pad.

SpaceX Starship 4 in Hanger at Starbase Texas

SpaceX Starship 4 in Hanger at Starbase Texas (Image Credit: SpaceX)

The latest development comes a week after the third Starship flight test. This new test achieved new milestones compared to the past two flights.

Starship test flight 3 lifted off from Starbase Texas at 8:25 a.m. It ignited all of the 33 Raptor engines to lift the integrated vehicle from the launch pad. It was the second time when SpaceX completed a full-duration burn during ascent.

The third attempt completed hot-staging and separated the booster rocket from the Starship spacecraft. This milestone was followed by Starship’s 6 Raptor engine ignition which led the second stage on its way to Earth’s orbit.


The first stage performed a flip maneuver and a full boostback burn to meet its endpoint in the Gulf of Mexico. However, it could not complete the splashdown due to early disassembly.

Starship on the other hand completed its first full-duration ascent burn. Other than orbit, the flight completed several other objects. That includes opening/closing of its payload door (pez dispenser) and propellant transfer demonstration.


Unfortunately, the vehicle didn’t attempt on-orbit engine relight due to the roll rates of the spacecraft. SpaceX entered the Starship into Earth’s atmosphere to experience hypersonic reentry.

The ship’s plasma shield absorbed and deflected the heat generated from the atmospheric pressure. SpaceX used Starlink to provide live visuals of the entry on Starship even during this descent.


The company says its third Starship flew for about 49 minutes into the mission, which is way more than Starship flight 2’s below 12 minutes.

Starship Flight 4:

SpaceX has shared a date for the launch date of Starship’s fourth flight. It should take less than a month to complete all processes and verification to fly again.




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