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xAI Grok to get a new ‘Unhinged Fun Mode’



xAI Grok

xAI team is finding a new way to increase the fun of its Grok large language model by bringing an “unhinged fun mode” to improve the responses.

Grok currently has two response modes – Regular mode and Fun mode. Both of these responses to user prompts are based on the type of response. For example, the regular mode responds in formal language and the fun mode doesn’t follow any formal guidelines.


The AI company says its Grok model is inspired by “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” a comedy fiction created by Douglas Adams. This franchise was famous for its unique sense of humor, characters, and satire. Readers still find it amusing.

Similar qualities have been found in Grok and it reflects on the existing fun mode.


Users can tune into Grok by pressing the “Grok” option on the left menu bar on the web version or at the bottom on mobile devices. You can switch between “Regular mode” and “Fun mode” from the home screen.

Type on the prompt box and click enter or the send icon on the right side of the text box. Wait a few seconds until Grok generates an answer.


“Grok has a normal mode and fun mode. Tonight, we decided to add an unhinged fun mode. It is next-level” Elon Musk, Founder of xAI announced this on social media site X, formerly Twitter.

xAI Grok Unhinged fun mode

xAI Grok unhinged fun mode announcement by xAI Founder Elon Musk (Image Credit: X)

Musk didn’t share any detail about the mode’s capabilities but we could expect more of the humor in Grok’s response after this new addition.

Wide Release:

Yesterday, xAI announced that Grok is coming to all of the Premium X subscribers which is currently limited to “Premium+” only. The rollout for Premium users will start this week.


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