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Apple to improve titanium material in iPhone 16 Pro models



Titanium iPhone

This year’s iPhone 16 Pro models could get improved titanium material compared to the 2023 iPhone 15 Pros and bring better quality.

This new rumor is coming from Korea’s Naver platform and predicts that Apple is working on a reinvented Titanium material for the upcoming iPhone 16 with an improved manufacturing process.

The rumor says that the iPhone 16 Pro will use a method that improves the titanium processing and color processing compared to the iPhone 15 Pro. It is said that the company will switch to a more glossy material and it would strengthen the scratch resistance capability.

Titanium iPhone

Titanium iPhone 15 Pro (Image Credit: Apple)

Titanium comes with lower density and improved strength compared to stainless steel and aluminum materials. This helps the phone to reduce weight in smartphones and improve damage during collisions and drops. It can also protect the phone from corrosion.

Other than these, titanium allows the phone maker to improve heat dissipation compared to other materials.

Despite these advantages, a bend test from YouTuber JerryRigEverything has broken the titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max’s rear panel. This was the first time in years that an iPhone failed a bent test even the iPhone 15 Plus survived.

Another report reveals that the iPhone 16 Pro series will bring two new color options and improvements for the two existing colors.


(via – Macrumors)

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