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ChatGPT is now available to use without sign up



ChatGPT without sign-up

OpenAI today announced that its large language model (LLM) chatbot is now available to use without a mandatory account sign-up.

It means that you can go to and it will show you a chat screen along with several new suggestions. You can start writing prompts on the search box and hit enter to get an answer.

OpenAI will use your conversation with ChatGPT to improve its model but you can turn this off from the settings. You have to click on the question mark icon on the bottom right corner, select Settings, and uncheck “Improve the model for everyone”.


The AI company said that the changes will include safeguard guidelines similar to registered users. This free version of ChatGPT runs ChatGPT-3.5.

This new change will be available gradually for ChatGPT users across the globe.


Over its unregistered version, the registered users can save chat history, share chats, and personalize the chat experience.



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