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Samsung CEO takes Tesla Cybertruck ride



Tesla Cybertruck

Kyung, Key Hyun, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics has shared his Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck ride experience during his visit to the U.S.

He posted a short clip of the Cybertruck on Instagram and explained how it felt to be inside this stainless steel electric vehicle.


“Tesla gave me the opportunity to test drive the Cybertruck. It was more comfortable than I expected and the acceleration was greater” Kyung wrote on Instagram last Friday.

The CEO of Samsung shared key observations on Cybertruck such as its camera-based vision system which detects surroundings while driving. The other aspects are the steer-by-wire drive to turn the truck and the large wiper on the front glass.


Tesla Cybertruck is a one-of-a-kind vehicle released by the American EV company. It has stainless steel plates on all sides and a storage bed on the rear.

Samsung and Tesla have been doing some business on memory chips for quite some time. There are reports of Tesla also planning to buy next-generation chips for Full Self-Driving (FSD) from Samsung.


This chip was allegedly manufactured with 4nm process technology and could be used for Tesla Hardware 5 (HW 5.0). The EV company is currently sourcing its chip through Taiwan’s TSMC. However, there’s confirmation about switching the chip supplier.

Kyung, Key Hyun, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics shared his Tesla Cybertruck ride experience

Kyung, Key Hyun, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics shared his Tesla Cybertruck ride experience


Samsung Chief also carried his talks on High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) to maintain the company’s edge over competitors. This tech is key to increasing the processing speed of AI applications.

He revealed that the demand for HBM3 and HBM3E chips is rising among Samsung’s customers. Therefore, the South Korean company is spending more resources on this front by adding a dedicated HBM team.


HBM stack DRAM chips vertically to increase the data processing output. The HBM3E 12H is a 12-stack HBM3E chip that outperforms options from SK Hynix and Micron Technology.

The company is also working on the next-gen HBM4 platform which would double the bandwidth for AI applications compared to current solutions. Tesla might be one of these potential customers for Samsung’s AI chip but there’s no confirmation available.


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