After car project shutdown, Apple is exploring Robots



Apple is looking for a new revenue source as the company is preparing for future growth. However, finding the next big thing might be a little more difficult than ever.

Earlier this year, Apple released its expensive mixed-reality headset Apple Vision. The device sold well in the early matrix but analysts expect it to grow slowly for the next few years before contributing a big chunk of money.


One of the future options for the Cupertino-based tech firm led it to the rumored “Car Project”. After years of internal research and development, the rumored Apple car was canceled.

It was reportedly aimed at full autonomy, which means that the car could drive on itself without the driver’s intervention. This aim was pretty big for a firm that has never released a car.


The project was later rescaled to an electric car instead of a fully autonomous vehicle. But the company eventually stopped chasing this car project as reported by the media. Apple had poured billions of dollars into this car project through its development.

That investment is to find the next potential option for growth.


However, the search continues to the next segment “Robots”. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that Apple is exploring home robotics. The concept for this product line is to make home robots that could work based on the consumer’s directions.

People related to the matter suggest that Apple could even try to design humanoid form robots. It is even considering machines for house chores.


The scope and the features are not made public by Gurman. He said the company has organized skunk-works teams within its hardware engineering and AI departments to research Robotics.

Despite these advanced technologies and ideas, the plan to develop a complete product is years away says Gurman.

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