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Starlink shares Solar Eclipse from space with dark US sky [Video]



Total Solar Eclipse from Space captured by SpaceX Starlink satellite

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite has shared a video feed showing how the solar eclipse from space with the Moon’s shadow (Umbra) on Earth across the U.S.

The solar eclipse of April 8, 2024, was a total solar eclipse visible within a band covering parts of North America, stretching from Mexico to Canada and covering the United States.

The 21-second video shows the Starlink satellite orbiting Earth and that giant black hole-like shadow creating a perfect round.


NASA also posted visuals of the solar eclipse from the International Space Station. The Expedition 71 crew members saw the view of the shadow and captured the way it appeared.

The station at the time of filming this solar phenomenon was orbiting 260 miles above southeastern Canada while the moon’s umbra was moving from New York into Newfoundland.

NASA revealed that the space station experienced a totality of about 90% during its flyover period.

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