BMW makes robust EV growth in the first quarter 2024



BMW Group has reported the first quarter of 2024 with robust electric vehicles (EV) with over 80,000 fully electric BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce vehicles globally.

Over the past three months, BMW Group has delivered 594,571 vehicles in the first quarter of this year with a 1.1 percent increase yearly. It saw sales improvements in Europe with 227,784 BMW and MINI vehicles with a 5.5 percent increase.


BMW sold 78,691 fully-electric BMW vehicles between January and March this year. It is a 40.6 percent increase compared to the first quarter of 2023.

From the models sold in Q1, the BMW i4, BMW iX3, MW iX1, BMW iX, and BMW i7 saw increased demand. The feedback for the Model iX2 has been improved as well through Q1.


The company says its new electric BMW i5 is also making its way to customers while showing signs of popularity. BMW says that the electric vehicles and models from the high-end premium segment will be among the main growth sources in 2024.

The carmaker also announced that its MINI Cooper fully electric in the market in the coming months.


Below you can check the sales diversification based on the region.

  • US: 90,844 sales for BMW and MINI vehicles with a 1.2 percent increase.
  • Europe: BMW and MINI vehicles totaled 227,784 units with 5.5 percent improvements
  • Germany: 61,976 BMW and MINI vehicles were delivered during this period with a 7.6 percent yearly growth
  • China: BMW Group sold 187,452 BMW and MINI vehicles with a 3.8 decline.

BMW Electric Vehicle (EV) sales for First Quarter 2024 (Image Credit: BMW)


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