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Vast Haven-1 space station will use SpaceX Starlink Services



Vast Haven-1 Commercial Space Station connected with SpaceX's Starlink satellites

Vast, space habitation technology company has announced that its Haven-1 commercial space station will use Starlink satellite internet services. The company is preparing to launch this space station by 2025 but a specific date has not been announced.

SpaceX has designed and developed Starlink satellites to provide internet access in remote areas.


Vast Haven-1 crew will be able to connect their phone and devices with Starlink. This will enable them to make video calls and conduct experiments and science. Starlink will remain accessible throughout the rest time.

Vast Haven-1 Commercial Space Station connected with SpaceX's Starlink satellites

Vast Haven-1 Commercial Space Station Illustration (Image Credit: Vast)

In 2023, Vast and SpaceX signed a partnership to launch Haven-1 using a Falcon 9 rocket no earlier than August 2025. Have-1 will operate independently before being connected to a larger VAST space station. The company aims to develop a large artificial gravity space station.

The launch of the Vast space station will be followed by two human spaceflights to this newly launched space station.


Both partners have planned to expand their partnership to the next space station. The space company is likely to bid its plan for the second space station in NASA’s upcoming Commercial Low Earth Orbit destinations (CLDs) competition.

This program supports commercial low Earth orbit destinations which will allow NASA and other customers to purchase services.


(source – Vast)


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