Tesla launches $99 a month FSD subscription down from $199/month



Tesla has launched a new $99 per month FSD subscription for all of its car owners in the U.S. This new offer is now a hot take for those who’ve been thinking of subscribing to the self-driving technology.

This subscription was previously priced at $199/Month. The latest change follows Tesla CEO, Elon Musk’s recent consideration of some suggestions on social media site X, formerly known as Twitter.


Late last month, Tesla also announced free month FSD (Supervised) trials for all eligible Tesla cars in North America. The trial will run out by the end of this month. In that case, the customers will now have an option to retain FSD capability.

Meanwhile, enhanced Autopilot to FSD capability transfer remains at $99 per month. Tesla has not announced whether this price reduction is temporary or permanent.


Tesla FSD Subscription $99 a month (Image Credit: Tesla)

A full Self Driving (FSD) subscription enables an advanced set of driving assistance features on Tesla. These are designed to provide more active guidance and assisted driving.

The car could perform maneuvers to drive through the traffic and turn left and right. It could follow a navigation route to lead the user to the destination. However, FSD requires a driver’s supervision to detect any unusual driving maneuvers and take control of such scenarios.

Tesla has commanded a wide rollout of FSD version 12. The system is now using end-to-end neural nets to provide a smoother driving experience with fewer interventions. This new version is better than v11.


You can subscribe to Full Self-Driving Capability in the Tesla app by going into the Tesla app, tapping Upgrades, and then selecting “Subscribe”.

How many Tesla owners are willing to pay $99 a month for FSD? That’s an interesting question and have to wait for the company to share an official matrix on this matter.

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