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OpenAI set up office in Japan and released Japanese language model



OpenAI Japan

OpenAI has launched its first office in Asia starting in Tokyo, Japan, and released a new GPT-4 custom model optimized for the Japanese language.

The AI company said it will collaborate with the Japanese government, local businesses, and research institutions to develop safe AI tools.


With this new office, OpenAI also introduced a new President of OpenAI Japan Tadao Nagasaki. He will handle its commercial and market engagement efforts. Nagasaki will also help to build a local team with advanced Global affairs, Go-to-market, Communications, Operations, and other features.

OpenAI Japan

OpenAI Japan (Image Credit: OpenAI)

Local businesses will get early access to the GPT-4 custom model with improved translation performance and summarizing Japanese text. It is 3 times faster than its predecessor claims OpenAI.

The company plans to release the custom model for partners and customers in the API.




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