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Kia announces NBA Display Themes, EV9 will get them first



Kia NBA Themes

Automaker Kia has announced an over-the-air update with new NBA display themes for EV9 electric vehicle (EV) in the U.S. These themes will be available for personalization on the 12.3-inch instrument cluster with colors and logos.

These themes reflect the spirit of the 30 NBA teams. The latest theme release comes as Kia continues its sponsorship of the famous sport.


EV9 owners can enjoy the new themes with customized instrument clusters and infotainment screens including welcome and goodbye sounds for selected EV9 trims.

These themes will first land only for EV9 models but soon expand to other Kia models. These will be available for purchase for $39.99 for each team using Kia Connect Store’s Digital Features and Services.


You can access these through the Kia Access app or the Kia Owner Portal.

Kia NBA Theme

Kia NBA Themes (Image Source: Kia)

Display themes are currently limited to Connected Car Navigation Cockpit (ccNC) based infotainment systems. Customers will require a Kia Connect Subscription to download Display Themes.

Once purchased, these NBA themes are limited to use on one vehicle which is used to download the theme and cannot be transferred.


“As avid basketball enthusiasts, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest available OTA update which combines the thrill of the NBA with the opportunity to personalize your Kia vehicle,” said Steven Center, COO and EVP, of Kia America.



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