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Tesla reduces FSD package price by $4,000 in US and Canada



Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD)

Tesla has officially reduced the $4,000 full self-driving (FSD) package price in the U.S. and Canada. The company has been making these price adjustments to increase FSD users across the region.

FSD package was priced at $12,000 upfront package price with a new Tesla purchase. It is now down to $8,000 with a $4,000 reduction. This upfront price is also reflected in Canada. The purchase price now stands at CA$11,000 (US$7,971) from CA$16,000 (down CA$5,000).


A week ago, Tesla slashed prices of FSD subscriptions by half in both U.S. and made it $99 a month from $199 per month. Meanwhile, It introduced FSD subscriptions in Canada, which was a long-standing demand for Tesla customers in the country.

Tesla FSD Package Purchase Price as of April 2024

Source: Tesla

FSD enables your Tesla to drive automatically through traffic and provides features such as auto lane change. It can understand and react to traffic signals and stop sign control.

The electric vehicle company is currently testing FSD version 12, which provides better control and more stability in driving. Reviews of the early beta show that the driving capabilities have become more human-like than FSD version 11.


Tesla is giving away a 30-day FSD trial with a new vehicle purchase allowing new owners to test its self-driving capabilities. Similar efforts are being made with an all-out trial program which is in effect by the end of this month.


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