Tesla Launches 2024 Model 3 Performance with improved design, 0-60 in 2.9 sec, 163 mph top speed



Tesla has unveiled its new 2024 Model 3 Performance with a new performance-tuned chassis. It brings improved driving power, polished design, and better aerodynamics.

The Model 3 Performance comes with 510 hp, 0-60 mph acceleration in 2.9 seconds, and 163 mph top speed. The model uses Tesla’s latest Performance drive unit with an adaptive damping system for responsive handling.


It can deliver up to 22 percent continuous power, 32 percent peak power, and 16 percent more peak torque. Specifically, the car’s performance chassis consists of springs, dampers, bushings, and stabilizer bars for maximum ride comfort. Its Track Mode enables adaptive suspension, chassis, and powertrain control calibration.


Tesla Model 3 Performance features new front and rear fascias, rear diffuser, and carbon fiber spoiler to reduce drag and improve lift balance at high speed. The car brings forged performance wheels to provide better traction control in corner exits and is optimized for range and comfort.


2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance

These new changes in the design enable a 5 percent reduced drag, 36 percent lift reduction, and 55 percent improvement in the front-to-rear lift balance. It has a new performance brake with larger brake rotors, calipers, and brake pads for enhanced stopping capabilities, and instant braking.

Inside the car, you will see new sports seats that provide stability while driving at high acceleration with heating and ventilation. The model has carbon fiber decor with a woven pattern to improve aesthetics.


In addition to the front, the Performance variant now brings a rear passenger display with an 8-inch touchscreen with features including climate controls, Bluetooth, and entertainment. That’s not it, the Model 3 Performance equips 17 speakers, dual subwoofers, and dual amplifiers for an immersive sound experience.


Tesla Model 3 Performance is priced at $52,990 in the U.S.


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