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iOS 18 to bring AI search and summary features for Safari



Apple Safari Browser

Apple is working on new features for the Safari web browser and new additions will come directly from the new AI library designed to revamp the web browsing experience.

A report from AppleInsider reveals that Apple is testing new AI-powered features to improve search features, bring user interface improvements and better controls. In the near term, Apple could introduce AI Safari features with iOS 18 in June. However, it may not be limited to iPhones as Apple plans to bring these new functionalities to MacOS.


Content Summarization

This feature uses AI in its core to generate content summaries. For example, a feature in Safari’s settings will enable you to summarize the on-screen content for easy comprehension.

Intelligent Search

The next major addition Safari could help the user to find details of selected words. It is similar to the summary feature but works for a text selection and lets the user know more about a sentence or a paragraph.


Web Eraser:

This feature will let users remove specific web page parts. It will let users remove any unwanted content on the web while reading content or for similar activity. The scope of this feature covers images, text, advertisements, and even the entire page.

Safari will inform users that the page has been modified to reflect their preferences. The browser will enable the user the option to revert changes and restore the webpage to its previous state. These are just a few key changes coming with Safari this year and all of these will leverage AI to improve the user experience.


Apple will release new software during the WWDC24 event in June and the new Safari will debut at the same event.


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