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Microsoft investing $1.7 billion for AI and Cloud in Indonesia




Microsoft has announced its largest $1.7 billion investment in Indonesia in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud computing systems. The company has confirmed that this investment will expand over the next four years and help the developer community.

AI Transformation

This new investment is part of Microsoft’s Empower Indonesia initiative announced in 2021. It aims to speed up the digital and economic growth of the country. Microsoft aims to open its first data center in the region in Indonesia.


AI and Cloud are the two emerging markets and Microsoft stands as one of the most popular companies to take advantage of these trends by increasing its investment. Research from Kearney predicts that AI could ramp up to $1 trillion in Southeast Asia’s GDP by this decade and Indonesia could capture about $366 billion.

Microsoft also announced a skill improvement program for 2.5 million people in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member countries by 2025. This training program covers governments, nonprofit and corporate organizations, and communities in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Over 3.1 million developers in Indonesia using GitHub and 10,000 of these are now working on AI. Many of the organizations in the country are working with Microsoft for AI solutions.



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