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Sanctuary AI and Microsoft partners for humanoid robot AI model



Sanctuary AI Microsoft

General Purpose Robot AI company Sanctuary AI has announced a partnership with tech giant Microsoft to develop AI models for general-purpose Humanoid robots.

This partnership includes the Phoenix robot, which has entered its seventh generation of development. This robot has increased uptime, better comprehension of tasks, and other key capabilities over its predecessor.


Both of these firms will work on research and development of new AI projects and Sanctuary AI will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure in this collaborative direction.

Sanctuary AI Microsoft

Sanctuary AI and Microsoft (Image Credit: Sanctuary AI)

Sanctuary AI is working on Large Behavior Models (LBMs), which train real-world data into robotics to make them perform like a physical world for particular tasks.

Sanctuary loads these real-world data to its models for Carbon, the AI control system for its Phoenix robots. The AI company has announced that it will utilize Microsoft Azure for training, inference, networking, and storage.


Founded in 2018, the Vancouver-based Sanctuary AI has developed behavioral models for general-purpose robotics. It has worked on models for both front-of-house and logistics and warehouse-style tasks.

“We’re excited to be working with Sanctuary AI to accelerate AI model innovation and embodied AI research in areas like reasoning, planning, and human-agent collaboration,” says Ashley Llorens Corporate Vice President and Managing Director, of Microsoft Research.




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