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SpaceX reportedly nears Starlink launch in Yemen



Standard Starlink

SpaceX Starlink could soon get a launch date in Yemen following a licensing deal between the company and the local government.

Bloomberg reports that the government of Yemen is finalizing a license for Starlink to operate in the country. The procedure may take another month to launch terminals. However, there’s no official announcement made from the government side.

SpaceX Starlink

Starlink (Image Credit: SpaceX)

Starlink is a satellite-driven internet service terminal designed and developed by SpaceX to enable internet in remote locations across the globe.

This terminal doesn’t require a technician for installation and could operate with a few setups. The Starlink terminal is portable and can be moved with ease.

A previous report claims that people in Yemen already have access to Starlink sourced illegally from other available markets. This claim has been denied by SpaceX CEO calling them “Categorically false”.


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