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Perplexity AI launches Incognito mode and source preview features



Perplexity AI Incognito

Perplexity AI has launched two new features including incognito search and improved source citation for users who want to better their experience.

This feature works according to its name, similar to a web search where you can ask questions anonymously. All you need to do is go to the profile on the bottom left corner of the screen and select “Incognito”.


That’s it, you can now type your question on the search bar and tap enter. These questions will be removed from user history within 24 hours for improved privacy.

Source Preview:


Perplexity has improved the source citation and you can now see the source preview marked with numbers with the round background. You can hover over these number marks to see the source preview in real-time. You can also jump on the source by clicking on the preview link.


Incognito search and source preview is now available for Perplexity AI users on the web app and coming soon to the mobile platform.


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