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Perplexity AI adds GPT-4o model for users

Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI has officially announced that its Pro members can now access the latest GPT-4o to rewrite answers. The announcement comes as OpenAI has brought this model with various intriguing capabilities over the existing models.

ChatGPT-4o tops other ChatGPT models with three core capabilities – improved response time, image summarization, and real-time audio and video conversation. This new model is free to use but it’s twice as fast as GPT-4 Turbo.

Perplexity users can access the new GPT-4o under their Pro membership tier. Users who want to test the new GPT model will have to subscribe to a $20 Pro subscription plan. With these new capabilities, you use GPT-4o to rewrite and answer or select it as the default model.

Here are the instructions for these two options.


Tap the “Rewrite” button on the bottom left of the answer’s end and select “GPT-4o”. Right after, Perplexity will rewrite an answer in the selected model.

Perplexity rewrite answers with GPT-4o (source – Perplexity)

To set GPT-4o by default, you need to open Perplexity settings and go to “AI Model” below the Subscription option. There you can click on the default AI model to GPT-4o. Now all of the answers will come from this default model.

Perplexity set default model to GPT-4o (source – Perplexity)

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