FSD 12.5 to debut FSD for Cybertruck in June: Tesla CEO



Tesla may release Full Self Driving (FSD) tech for Cybertruck electric pickup truck with FSD version 12.5 rollout next month said Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. This could be a major surprise for the truck owners as they are waiting to enable a feature that has been promoted with the vehicle since the beginning.

Currently, Cybertruck owners can see the presence of the FSD option in the settings but it’s disabled. The UI for this feature is frozen, a reminder that the vehicle can run FSD but won’t run for now.


Tesla has been developing FSD for Cybertruck along with version 12. However, the company chief has previously said that FSD for this pickup truck has been put forth in low-priority development.

Tesla Cybertruck (Credit – Tesla)

It is being said that the delay is related to on-road Cybertrucks. There are only a few thousand Cybertruck delivered so far since December 2023. Therefore, the company focused on pacing FSD for major Tesla fleets including Model 3 and Model Y, which sold in millions.

Despite this development stretch, the EV maker has now entered the testing phase (internal) for FSD 12.5. Some new improvements are coming with this software release such as driving in complex situations, narrow and one-way roads, encountering a road closure, and other scenarios.


These might be helpful for Cybertruck owners but Tesla may bring some more additions to the vehicle when it rolls out via FSD 12. The software has a high chance of releasing next month but the testing phase might get delayed if required.

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