Tesla FSD 12.4 to get an internal release this week



Tesla could release Full Self-Driving (FSD) 12.4 this week for employees to test drive the software before making a debut for public testers.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla said that the new FSD software is currently in work and will provide some new improvements in miles per intervention over FSD 12.3. Over the past few months, Tesla has tested the 12.3 branch with numerous new upgrades. These new optimizations and data have laid a foundation for FSD 12.4.


Musk suggests that miles per intervention will bring 5 to 10 times more improvements than the previous version. This could be a major development for FSD. Miles per intervention or mpi means the number of miles a self-driving car can travel before it requires a driver to take control. These situations could be unexpected traffic conditions, weather, or anything else when the driver needs to supervise.

This brings us back to another important topic, Musk previously mentioned that FSD 12.4 will bring retrained models. This is a key practice to improve the model’s efficiency and predicting capability with the new dataset. Retraining also ramps up the overall performance of the model compared to existing capabilities.


There’s a new progress pending in the wheel nag problem resolution and Tesla is confirmed to be working on a solution. It could fix the unnecessary occurrence, which the Tesla owners have reported as “quite annoying”. The company can release wheel nag fixes with the new FSD 12.4. However, there’s no confirmation whether the electric vehicle (EV) maker will remove this safety feature.

I’ve mentioned some aspects of the software that need to be considered according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), check them here.

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