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xAI Grok gets chat history feature for web and iPhones 



xai grok chat history

Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm xAI has announced that Grok AI Large Language Model (LLM) has now added a chat history feature for users.

Grok is designed and developed by xAI and is available on the social media site X. Users have to buy a Premium or Premium+ subscription to access Grok. Grok’s UI is similar to competitors from OpenAI and Google, enter the prompt in the text box and receive a reply.


Similar to its name, the history feature helps keep track of your conversation with the chatbot. This capability enables you to revisit that chat history with just a single tap. This feature is already available in OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini models.

The new chat history is available for both Web and iPhones and an Android release is planned for later release. Make sure you update the X to the latest version to use this feature on mobile devices.


Once updated, you need to open the Grok screen from the left side menu on the web and on the bottom bar on mobile. Tap the history feature from the menu bar and check your replies. You can tap and hold to delete a prompt history or edit a prompt title. Furthermore, the chat history is organized based on day and date. You always have the option to jump to a new chat or clear the entire history.

Future Update

It is revealed that the future version of the Grok AI Model will bring better article reading in the Fun Mode. It is one of the two response modes alongside the Regular mode.


This mode provides the answer with a different tone than Regular mode. However, the company has not shared a date for this rollout. For the time being, Grok offers top headlines on the opening page, you can click on one of the topics to learn more about the AI model.


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