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Apple to launch crease-free foldable MacBook



Apple MacBook Air

Apple is pushing forward with its plan to launch a new foldable MacBook product and it will have a crease-free display schedule to release two years later.

Supply Chain Analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple has selected LG Display as an exclusive supplier for foldable panels for this notebook.


The company has two size options – 20.25-inch and 18.8-inch, and it is likely to opt for smaller sizes. The small size could help the company to achieve a compact form factor and make it look relative to the current MacBook with 13-15-inch screen sizes.

Apple aims to mass-produce displays in the fourth quarter of 2025 and device assembly in the first half of 2026. This production pipeline was previously estimated for 2027. Furthermore, this foldable will use the new M5 series processor to ensure optimum performance.


The Cupertino-based company wants to offer some expertise in these foldable devices with a new “Crease-free display. So far, foldable comes with a certain degree of foldable line which is hard to wipe away.

Rival Samsung also attempted to deliver a seamless foldable screen experience. Despite gaining development in this area, the crease remains apparent. The company has shared high design requirements for the display and the hinge. Therefore, these two components will dominate the entire supply chain for this particular product.


Estimates suggest that the panel would cost between $600-$650 and the hinge component will cost $200-$250. Based on the yield the cost of production may also decrease. Kuo revealed that Apple will have to work in synergy with the display and hinge provider to achieve precision in eliminating the crease. LGD and Amphenol are the two experienced suppliers in this category.

It is expected that this new product will be expensive with all of these costs of material. However, it will depend on the iPhone on how it approaches suppliers for cost reduction and improve yield.


More information about this product is yet to come.


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